Luxman L235 Integrated Amplifier

Beautiful integrated Amplifier arrived a few weeks ago from my brother in-law. Love the Luxman sleekness. I'm still searching for a nice M-6000 amp deal. He obviously saw the potential in this unit as I did. In need of some repair as the left channel was blown. I'm at my tech's shop going over the unit and it was missing one of the faceplate end caps. Still don't know why they have these in the design, perhaps for rack mounting? At any rate it was complete luck that he had a DOA unit with a cap still on it. But wait... trying to get it off he snapped it in half! Told you it wasn't a good design!
I love bringing these back to life. There is great pleasure in finding these beauties a home. This purchaser wrote me saying that he has the matching tuner and would love to make it a set. He mentioned he was currently in University and price was a factor. I met with my brother in-law and he agreed. How could we not close the deal. He's a young dude into quality vintage gear!
Very cool in my book!!


  1. I can't wait to get my RX-103 out of the shop, but I may pull the trigger and buy a used L-235 with matching tuner which is for sale nearby geographically.

  2. Hi there,

    I found your blog when searching for L-235 troubleshooting online. See, I inherited this amp from my dad a couple years ago, and want to keep it healthy, especially because I have the matching tuner and tape. The sound isn't quite right - it comes in and out periodically and often sounds muddied, but I had the unit serviced only 6 months ago. It was fine at first, but now is back to it's old tricks. It's not the speakers, as I've tried them with a friend's unit, and just recently replaced my turntable. I know this is vague (can you tell I'm new to the audio game?) but do you have any recommendations? I live in Toronto, so if you know any good audio shops, or any advice at all?

    Thanks for your time!