Ohm Walsh Speakers - Audio Bliss!

Imaging, Engineering & Design
These speakers are simply beautiful!
Just arrived and fired them up on the Pioneer A70. Also tried them with the Kenwood KA 3500 amp and these are so musical! For an omni-directional speaker I was amazed at the imaging ability. Sade's Sweetest Taboo sounded stunning... timbre and chimes I had missed with other sets. Remarkable vocal reproduction! I remember Energy Pro 22 - 2 way's leaving such an impression years ago. These are truly an audiophile's dream. The walnut cabinets are beautiful and mint.
Warm precise low end - again supremely musical! No fatigue here. Revolutionary drivers & design.
They are 6ohms and really cry for power. The A70 really drove them well. So impressed.
I want to restore them so I contacted Ohm Corp in New York. Within minutes I received and email from John Strohbeen, President of Ohm. Truly, this is how manufactures need to operate. He helped determine what improvements I could make and suggested options. Ohm produces speakers and engineers units into the $30,000 range. To take the time to communicate with me on these is nothing short of impressive. Not to mention that Ohm has parts for every speaker they have ever manufactured. Back 40 years! Right down to the grills.
I plan to utilize these in my own collection & recommend them to all.
Keep tabs as I will post the restoration throughout.

Ohm Acoustics Corp. - John Strohbeen (800) 783-1553


  1. Thank you for your kind words.

    Good Listening!


  2. I once had a set of Ohm FRS-15 speakers and they had almost magical imaging qualities. The "cans" on top of yours look very similar to the ones on mine. Very nice speakers and I kinda wished I`d kept mine now. They were a little lacking in bass compared to others I have. The best amp I played through them was a Krell KAV300i and my Denon POA 2800 was a good match also.

  3. Very nice Ron. The cabinets in these Ohms really deliver a solid deep base. For a 9" driver I am really pleased, thanks for your comment!!!

  4. Have pair of Walsh II's from when I worked at Tech Hifi in NJ..back in mid 80's. still performimg wonderfully..enjoy..

  5. Me and my cousin seen a pair of these at the swap meat so we listendid to them and I buyed them. The sound good but my cousin got to drunk and threw up on the left speaker. I cleandid it and it works ok but it kinda smells like beer now. We wuz thinking about putting them in the back of my Camero to. Maybe we will

  6. I'm looking for advice regarding the Ohm Walsh 2 speakers that I'm thinking of buying. I want to know whether the amp I have currently is good enough to use with them, or whether I need to buy a new amp. I keep reading that these speakers require a lot of wattage - as you say, they 'really cry for power'. The Ohm website recommends 125 watt amps, but my amp (a Dual type CV 1150) is 2x25W continuous power, and 2x40W dynamic power. Will they work together? Or will the sound be weak? Will the amp be in trouble? I have no understanding of amps, speakers and electricity in general, and would really appreciate any advice or explanation you can give me.

    1. Thanks for your question. Not to say that in a lower impedance speaker you will find that they are "sucking up power", they are "eating signal" at the expense of losing micro-dynamics and detail. After all, there wouldn't be any power there if the signal didn't call for it. Losing that power means losing signal. Thermal inefficiency / power loss due to heavy parts count in the crossover is directly related to "lifelessness" in presentation with a lack of liquidity. These are speakers that measure great, but sound boring if paired with a lower than recommended amplifier. At those levels I would suggest looking at upgrading your back end. It sounds like your after a great sounding system and the Ohm Walsh 2's are detailed and "open" sounding when given the proper load. Good luck in your Quest!