Pioneer A70 - A Classic

This Classic amp just arrived...
Produced in 1982.
Tons of headroom rated at 120w/p/c
Great options including switch to assign a MM or MC (moving magnet vs. moving coil) cartridge. No right or wrong in your cartridge type it is simply a sonic & personal preference. Many a debate has been brought forth as to which type is superior. I prefer the MC as I caught more more fidelity and range than the MM cartridge in a direct comparision test. Anyways, how did I get on the cartridges? Yes, a great addition to this amp is having this option offered.
Tone is exceptional and the amp drives speakers of low impedances with ease.
Has a tonal defeat button as well to allow a preamp to control the input signal prior to amplification proving that the engineer's regarded this an Audiophile amplifier application. Not to mention the $610.00 price tag in '82. Pioneer hit the mark on this beauty!
Total harmonic distortion: No more than 0.003% Damping factor: 60
Frequency response: 5 to 100,000Hz
Dimensions: 420 x 131 x 411m

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  1. hi,i have 2 of these pioneer A-70 amps. im keeping one and looking to sell one, i have no clue the value of the unit. it is in very good shape, shows some signs of being used. functions great.i know it would be better to see a picture i cant do that now.can you help me with this question?