Sony TA2000

The Preamp
Sony TA2000
Vintage at it's Finest!
Landed this one a few years ago...
Can you believe someone would drop this at a Goodwill store. I couldn't but it's true. This and the matching Tuner!
Produced from 1968-73,
the Rare TA-2000 preamp is an amazing design with shielded circuit boards through-out. VU Output meters.
2 Phono Inputs which is handy and Tape Loop for the best in analog sound.
Options included the beautiful walnut casing. There isn't better in it's class.
One of my all time Favorites!


  1. Fantastic post and wonderful blog, I really like this type of interesting articles keep it up.

  2. I have one paired with a sony ta 3200 power amp , and the sound is clear and detailed, similar to tube sound.
    I like very much!

    1. I have recentley paried mine with the Sony 3120a and I too feel that there isnt a finer set of gear mass produced in 1967 that can compare. Thanks for sharing and visit again!