Carol Sloane - Live at 30th Street

This rare Original mono pressing of Carol Sloane's 1962 performance at the 30th Street studio is defiantly one to add to your audiophile collection. Beyond the amazing quality of her vocal and band's performance there is an acoustic brilliance to this mono recording that is simply unforgettable. A converted church, the 30th Street Studio birthed many hallmark recordings such as My Fair Lady, Mitch Miller and none other than the Duke Ellington - Count Bassie Session.

This LP puts you in the room with the almost 300 guests. Only 50 were invited but the producers made way for the large turnout. If Carole had recorded this just 5 years earlier she would have been throated into star status with greats of that time. There was a huge surge of rock greats that simply dominated the record companies marketing dollars. Jazz artists took a back seat for several years.

Her smooth voice paralleled that of the great Sarah Vaughan. She remained very active and recorded many records through the 80's up until present. I have the pleasure of owning this autographed copy.

This pressing is as good as live gets. A vintagesound great!

Vintage Sound

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