Sansui 7900Z - Monster Receiver

Just arrived is this stunning monster receiver from the great Sansui Corp. Built in '81 this receiver truly is a "monster" measuring a full 22" x 14" deep. It packs 120watts per channel and although not sonically punchy at lower volumes she really opens up when you get here pushing the watts. Sansui was a real leader in the receivers of the vintage era. Incredible eye candy! Nice full scale spectrum analyzer and also linear output LED's. Interesting beep alert as you scale the tuning up or down and it LED on the analog scale travels every 8/10th of a MHz with your digital read out. A neat looking feature for sure that I have not seen before.

One of the great features also is the 2 Phono inputs. Next to the output LED's there is an interesting slide light for volume levels. Quite unique also. This is a vintage audio unit that will run for years and fit into any system with it's classic look and nice details.


  1. I have a Sansui 9900Z which looks just like the above with 160 WPC of power output.

    Truly an amazing receiver with the best light show of any reciever made!

  2. I bought my 7900z in 1981 while in the navy. Still performs great. Wouldn't trade it for anything. That's 32 years.

  3. Ideas for a replacement for my battery holder? Terminals corroded due to battery failure.

  4. is the 7900z for sale? cuzzdc1@gmail.com let me know ok.