Sony 3120a Amplifier

Just Arrived is this rare and collectable Sony amplifier. This is the "a" model which offers a response of 180Khz compared to the 3120 which has a 100Khz response. It also boasted improved THD specs.

The cosmetic difference? There is no "safety" LED on the front next the power light on the "a" model. I have, as regular readers know, the Sony TA2000 preamplifier which is considered as pure as they came in 1967 and still today holds its own against many Solid State units. This 3120a was one that was paired with the TA2000. At 50wpc and a THD of less than 0.03% it literally jumps my vinyl out of the speakers. I recommend this setup for anyone collecting rare solid state. It is a pleasure to listen to it's pure Sony Vintage Sound.

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