Philips Full Range Loudspeakers

Hi Again Audio buffs, sorry for the lengthy absence! Sometimes our lives are just well...busy!
Here is a fine set of Holland made Philips 4 ways that I was quite happy to acquire.
An 8 inch passive and woofer bring the low end through and the Philips tweeters (which are quite respected from this era) have a very musical and precise tone to them. Keep in mind that they are 4 ohm impedance so I let loose the Pioneer A-70 on them.
I love the old cloth and in this shape they are hard to find. The curved sleek euro look set these apart.
I haven't come across a pair of these until now and really like the euro design and performance.

There is great attention to detail in the construction of these speakers. To be expected from the great Northern Europe manufacturers. Simply beautiful and rare.


  1. Hello.
    Bought excatly the same speakers yesterday in Stockholm, Sweden. Can you open the frontcloth? Simply use some force?

    Christer/Stockholm - Sweden

    1. Thanks for your question.
      Yes they pry of with some pressure. A kitchen knife between the cloth edge and the trim will pop them off for you. Best to start in the corners.

  2. Thank you, I will give it a try tomorrow.. I also have Heybrook HB1 and very rare ScanDyna: google: large vintage Dynaco speakers, there you can see pictures, 3 known in : Vancover, Sweden and Norway.. also have Optonica CP7100.
    Seem to "stumble on" not so common speakers and I am only in the beginning of HIFI..

  3. I have a pair of Larson S-2 speakers, says made in Holland on back of Phillips driver. Any info?? Cant find them online. They are early 70s i think.

  4. I Have one, congratulationes fron Santiago of Chile.

  5. Really Beautiful Loudspeakers! , a exquisite warm sound, the mid's are incredible. I have the previous model of the same serie, - without the passive woffer -. For me, this speakers, are a real jewel, - not valorated, saved exceptions. - Congratulations from Montevideo-Uruguay. - Regards: Mario Marotta

  6. Haha, it's funny to read this! I was in the recycle store with a friend where we saw these, and I told him to buy these speakers, 'cause I know the quality of philips audio from that era. After I checked them inside out on quality (I had to repair the mid voice coil) he hooked them up to his Pioneers as well, from the same series as yours, from the look of it :)

  7. Haha so funny to see this! A few years back I adviced my friend to get these when we were in a second hand store, because I know the quality of philips audio from that era. Only had to repair one of the mid voice coils before he hooked them up to his pioneers. Same series as yours, from the look of it :)

  8. I own exact same speakers. can you recommend some affordable amplifiers that i could pair with these fine speakers?!

  9. I had a pair of the earlier version of these speakers (the ones with wooden cabinets)
    They sounded truly awesome for their age.
    I ran them off a Denon PMA-655R amplifier (2x80w in 4 ohms)

  10. hi!
    what model phillips is this?