Nakamichi BX-1 Deck

When it comes to analog signals I prefer to run vinyl over tape simply because of the superiority of turntable equipment that I have. Until... I set up this Nak deck and gave it a run through various music genres.

I was blown away at the dynamics of this simple two head system and really enjoyed the tapes that I have collecting dust. A great music lover friend walked in on a playing of the Aja album from Steely Dan and said "nice tunes". I told him it was a cassette and he was shocked. "you gotta be kidding" he said, "that's incredible quality". We had a nice discussion on the history of the Nakamichi's of yesterday and went through quite a few cassettes in the process. I have many 2 head decks that cost much more in their day then the BX-1 but this is truly a wonderful unit. The BX-1 is on the lower scale of decks they put out in 1982 but compared to some others this had to be a steal at an MSRP of $299.00
This particular deck is in fantastic shape and looks like it was rarely used or was treated as I would have.


  1. I remember Nakamichi being the only cassette deck manufacturer that claimed 20-20,000 hz frequency response. I always liked the sound of cassettes I recorded on my system, but the manufactured ones usually didn't sound very good.

  2. Totally agree, the BX1 records unbelievably well however, plays pre recorded tapes less than well. I use mine to record compilations from vinyl and they sound sweet.......