Simonetta Transistor Vintage Radio

My passion for sharing is usually the late 60's through 80's components but I really enjoy acquiring interesting radios as well. I did a write-up on a nice vintage Sony radio back in August and had some great emails about it.

Just arrived is this great condition Simonetta built in 1969. These were German built with wave bands of broadcasts, short wave, long wave and also FM. The loudspeakers are moving coil and has an output of 0.9Watt. This unit is leather wrapped and has held up over time. The antenna configures quite differently as it stores horizontally and extends to a 3.5ft height. Crystal clear reception and great power. I need to locate another tuning knob but other than that it cleaned up to original condition beautifully.
Watch for another transistor gem coming in from Denmark...Yes a B&O!

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