Revox A77 - Mk IV Reel to Reel

Just arrived is this Mint Condition Studer Revox A77 Deck. Built between 1974-78 these are precision audiophile units that are engineered to the highest specifications in the industry at that time. Called the most "delicate" of recorders they incorporated a load resistance for intital start-up reels which were much heavier and required more motor torque to spin. Thus decreasing as tape wound to the pick-up reel and also greatly reducing any slippage or flutter through the heads. Precise!!! A three head system for 4 track stereo recording set this deck high on the audiophiles radar.

This one is super clean and did not see a lot of action through it's years in play. It needs the meter bulbs replaced but other than that its a spectacular sounding piece of Vintage Sound History. All of these early Reel to Reels came with a dustcover. Acrylic similar to turntables although many will not have them with the units. They were put aside and in most cases lost or broken. I dont think you could find a better A77. A True Vintage Beauty!


  1. I have one of these, I bought it in the summer of '77 while working for a national stereo chain owned by "CBS" in my home town of Ferguson Missouri. All though not as clean as the one shown here, still works and sounds great!!! I just love this work horse, breaking pads are the only this that need regular attention. I have rack mounted mine with some DBX equipment as I use it still for rehearsal sessions. A very fine deck even by todays standards.

    Mike B
    Greg. Mo

  2. Where can you find the manufacture date on one of the A-77's?