Harman Kardon Receiver - hk350i

If I was only using a one word description it would be "vibrant". This great sounding 20watt receiver has the classic early eighties look from the well respected Harman/Kardon corporation. Although this hk350 is a lower entry audiophile model it doesn't disappoint in hifi quality at all. In fact, after listening to it on a comparison to some others in the Vintage Sound collection, I would say that the quality of sound is in direct competition with others that are twice its MSRP of it's time. Newly arrived, I was struck by the vibrant tones it produced. Amazing performance on a budget. A very nice analog tuner as well to keep that traditional receiver concept.

These are readily available second hand units that I would recommend if you are getting into some vintage equipment. Start with this and then trade your way up. Your ears will enjoy the hk350i.

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