Janszen ER139 Speaker update

Here is some important additional information. Also there is a comment posted from David Janszen - Son & President of A A. Janszen. We appreciate his comments greatly! 
These Janszen units might possibly be the only 3-way prototype built prior to closing. Interesting and fascinating audio history and yes, true vintage sound!

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The ERC139 was developed as a 20 way system when we evaluated them and suggested a Philips mid range be added; there was a mid range hole, the depth of the Grand Canyon on the pair we reviewed. The company did more development to fill in the mid range with the 2-way but announced they were developing the 3-way.

The company only started delivering the 2-way systems when it closed and before it announced the 3-way was in production so I wonder if the blogger has a set of engineering samples or pre-production units.

Regardless, he has a VERY unique system as it was Art's last design and the tweeter was far different than his previous models plus so few made. I hope he continues to love them and maintains them as a guardian of a piece of history.
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