Magnaeplanar Mini Maggies

 Really? 3 way Ribbon speaker for your computer? Perhaps a vintage mini system would be a better fit with some true vintage output power...
No question that the innovation of the Maggies in the 70's set them at the top of this new speaker technology.
the original beasts

Mini Maggies

I don't know what to say...compressed digitized sound released to an innovative desktop ribbon tweeter technology. Isn't that like putting a Mercedes emblem on your Mazda??
I guess I will never really know as this analog reviewer won't be shelling $1300 a pair!

through the grill Ribbon
 If any of the readers has an experience with these please post your comments. I love the company's vintage gear and by all accounts these house the technology that set them apart though the 70's and 80's gear.

Mini Maggie System
Description3-Way, True Ribbon/Planar-Magnetic
Freq. Resp.40 - 40 kHz
Rec PowerRead
Sensitivity86dB / 500Hz / 2.83v
Impedance4 Ohm
Dimensions14 H x 9.5 W x 1.25 D
Available in cherry, natural or black solid oak trim with off-white, grey or black fabric.


  1. I had a pair of Magnepans from 1982-1987, and I loved them. I had a Citation 19 amp, so I had plenty of power to drive them. Snare drums sounded particularly good - tight and fast. The bass was either lacking, or less boxy/boomy, depending on whom you believe.

  2. great marantz amp....