Carver Audio Equipment in the 80's

See Bob Carver at the top of his career in this nostalgic video. Its actually quite funny to see what they thought represented a great production. Miss Hologram is a classic addition. Regardless its very informative as you couldnt find a more innovative audio developer in the 80's. Hope you enjoy vintage Carver equipment on Vintage Sound!

Part 1 & 2. Vintage Carver Equipment on Vintage Sound.



  1. I have a complete Carver system.W/JBL Towers the best of the best. zaxart61@yahoo.com

  2. That Carver is expensive. LOL

  3. Funny, I just found a Carver MXR-150 yesterday. Never heard of the Magenetic Field thing and now you have posted this video. Great timing. Very cool. Problem is that the left speakers on the A and B setting don't work, so I will have to fix that issue. Speaker relay? Can't wait to get it up and running.