JA Mitchell Turntable

Newly arrived is the Technodec British made Turntable from the 30 year company, J.A. Michell.
Bulit in the late 1980's Michell tables earned the respect of reviewers worldwide. The attention to details in the manufacturing of this table really attests to the sound you will be enjoying for years to come. For one the DC motor (silent) is mounted alone and isolated for the plinth as to not transfer any vibration to the tonearm and thus into your signal. The massive acrylic high pampening platter is impeadance matched to the records and the most innovative component has to be the inverted self oiling  (pumping) bearing build. All of which should put your price into the Hi end of the Hi Fi charts yet this falls into the mid-Fi price points. An overall exceptional buy! The sound is incredibly transparent and "real" through the RG250 tonearm. A Rega arm that has brilliant on-line reviews. I have paired it with an early Sumiko Blue Point Cartridge. An excellent match up.

Although there arent a great deal of vintage Michell tables on this side of the pond I recommend this TechnoDec over any mid priced point table built here. Sonically one of the purest analog non-fatiguing signals I've reviewed in a long time. Brilliant!!!! VintageSound at its best!


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  2. Beautiful! I bet that sounds amazing. Enjoy.

  3. Hey lloyd -

    I have one of these and it was a big step-up over my Ariston rd-80 - also another brit deck.

    Is that a white felt mat? The platter also looks to be white or is it just the camera angle?

    Kind regards
    Matt from Aus

  4. Hi Matt from Aus...
    Lloyd's site is seventiesstereos. He's an audio friend for obvious reasons.
    Thanks for the comments. Yes the mat is white felt and the platter is frosted on the sides. Its entirely made of glass. Im quite familiar with the Aristons and this was a nice upgrade for your ears! VintageSound at it's best.