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Panasonic RS755S - Analog Dream Machines

If you still use the medium here is a versatile well built Reel to Reel for your collection. An early 1960's unit from the company that made their start manufacturing bicycles. Of course their big move in audio came when they launched into a higher fidelity line of Technics products. Most notably their Reel to Reel decks which were at the forefront of the medium for much of the early 80's. 

We gave this unit the full diagnostics and brought it back to original operating condition. At 65lbs I cant imagine the old boys lugging this to band practice but I'm sure thousands did!


  1. This was the very first reel-to-reel tape machine I had. It launched me into a career in audio recording, film and video production, and voiceover. I sold mine in a garage sale. I put my name inside of it with a dymo labelmaker.

  2. Love the story Bill! Also, let's bring back the Dymo label maker shall we?

  3. Hey, what size tape do you have on in that picture I have the exact same machine