Sony 8F-56W Vintage AM/FM Radio

This Sony Gem arrived recently.
Rare and Exceptional this Sony is classic, clean and great sounding for a tabletop unit built in Japan in 1973. 

Great find as I'm quite partial to old Sony gear. 
Ultra sleek styling for it's era.
The teak was aged so I sanded and oiled it to it's original tinting. An overall cleanup and some pots spray and its back to new. I replaced the bulbs...briefly thought about going with the blue bulbs...briefly! Went with the original bulbs. Just not the right unit to customize. I'll save that for a Carver or a similar unit. This little package has great tone and I'm sure its early sixties. Nice to see an old unit that has been taken care of so well.


  1. Great! Nice to see your radio. I was searching around for information on the Sony 8F-56W. Just yesterday I picked one out of the trash (shame!). It is in decent condition. It too needed a shot of pot cleaner. It is fine on AM but very insensitive on FM because of a broken FM antenna connection. There is a shielded wire that is connected to the tuning cap but the other end is just hanging. I don't know where it should be connected. I guess that the power cord is used as the FM antenna but I am not sure how it is used as the antenna. I am a bit reluctant to experiment. Could someone tell me to where it goes? Help is much appreciated.

    1. Hey , I actually just picked one up at a thrift store for 7.99 because It just is the KoolEst thing Ever dude I totaly dog these old skool electronics and other vintage mem. Do you think it's worth fixing up cause maybe works fine except to the little lights , I don't Wanna deck it causE It is a little tatterd on the cloth but it sounds so good, do you reccomend repairing anything? This is deffenitly. Sticking with me but do you know how much these are worth, I thought it might have a value cause you took the time to put up these pics and repair yours, Please get back to me, chikko.morin@gmail.com thanks Shane

  2. What is the year of this radio?

    1. Hi fegravel...
      Sorry for the delay responding. This unit was Sony built in their Japan facility in 1973-1974. It was not a massive seller for them thus only two years of production. I think she's a beautiful unit.
      Thanks for your query!

    2. Hey vintagesound! It's me again... 2 years later. I actually didn't remember I had ever commented on this. lol!

      I'm replacing the dial lamps in my unit (which has a black dial, maybe there was a change during production). I'm wondering what type of lamps they are? Do they have some sort of code?

      Have a nice day,

      Félix (fegravel)