Sansui AU-4400

A mid 70's Integrated gem from Sansui. Rated at a conservative 20 watts per channel this solid amp has the beautiful clean image that made Sansui so great back then. Interesting thing about the 4400 in this series is that they didn't offer the popular black faceplate as in the others available at that time. Ah but silver faces rocked! No bells or whistles...just simple elegance.

Here is the link to some history if your interested.


  1. Just bagged an AU-4400 at Goodwill for $6.75 and the TU-4400 tuner for the same. 14 and change. Goodwill rules!

    Already have an AU-5900 also from Goodwill which was $15. Delicious sound on that one, may need new caps and pots sometime.

    1. Hi, I am trying to get my hands on Sansui but here in Athens Greece it's bit hard to. I used to have an AU-4400 but sold it in a moment of true stupidity. Along with all my other Sansui units.
      It would be highly appreciated if you can share any information on this..
      thanx a mil

    2. I have a 4400 email me at thezxguy@yahoo.com Brian

  2. I just picked up my AU-4400 on Wednesday and hooked it up to my Sansui AA4400 speakers what a glorious sound oh mamma oh mamma

  3. I sold my recapped AU-4400 to a good friend who has a Luxman L-230.

    He finds the AU-4400 to be well balance and extremely natural in presentation.

    The L-230 has since been put aside.

  4. I feed my Cabinets 7 watts at most with this amp, coupled with an SE-7 EQ, and it blows everyone away every time...
    ... When it comes to Sansui, Power isn't everything...

    I want to be buried with my Sansui...

  5. I have a Sansui AU4400 and looking for an aged set of floorspeakers that match them. Dnt now which brands best suit. SUggestions?

  6. Recently Purchased a pristine condition unit from gumtree, for AU $150.00 . Very beautiful to look at in the dim evening light, I am very tempted to place the AU 4400 in my bedroom as an bedside table ornament.
    I have perked up since noticing another unit for sale on eBay with an asking starting bid, AU $199.00 plus $30.00 freight......

    Old speakers I stay well away from, I am sure there may be some exceptions... but rarely anything decent prior to the 1990's for modest sums of money that don't require repairs.