Technics Sa-5370 Receiver

Newly arrived is this beautiful condition Technics SA-5370

This unit is 48 watt per channel silver face receiver with polished aluminum controls.
The inputs are AM/FM, tape 1, tape 2, aux, phono. Hi and Lo filters. FM muting/mono switch.
Center tuning and signal strength meters. Stereo lock red LED.
Connections and switching for two pairs of speakers. The speaker outputs are protected wth 4A fuses on back panel. This is again a classic Receiver that has the timeless vintage design with beautiful soft hue back lighting. Tons of clean power makes this a great vintage Receiver to drive your favorite classic speakers. I really enjoyed the response of this Tuner and with solid power and looks it's a top pick. The original ad is below as well. Enjoy!


  1. I have a very similar model! Any idea if it's possible to replace the AM/FM/Phono/Aux input switch? It doesn't really work on Aux unless I mess with it a lot, and even then it only works temporarily. Thanks!

    1. Hello Mike:
      Yes it is possible, all you have to do is have the right knowlede, or contact an old school technician, I would do it for you, but we live pretty far away.

  2. I still have mine and it works great. Bought it January 1, 1977.

  3. I have one for sale.. I live in Ontario Steve.......foghorn46@sympatico.ca

  4. When my modern amplifier died I connected this old piece and I coudn't beleive my ears! It sounded much better than ever expected!

  5. The next two generations of Technics receivers have a great sound too. I own a SA-200, SA-400 and SA-505.

    I love the SA-505. To my ears it has great definition of the musical tones in my vinyl. The SA-400 has a similar sound to the SA-505 too, though the 126W SA-505 has more punch.

    The "darker" sound of a lot of brands of 70s receivers and amps is only good for so long and you get tired of it. If you want a tube amp, then buy one of them and forget about getting an imitation! I have never heard a real tube amp, but the darker sounding receivers lack something in sound quality. I think Technics had something here with their late 70s to early 80s receivers.

    I am looking for a member of this generation of Technics receivers now to add to my collection!