Technics SU-7700

Just arrived is this classic 1978 Integrated Amplifier. This one packs 50 watts per channel and has great spacial tone. It has beautiful large VU metering with a real classic setup. Woodgrain sides and vented grill top similiar to many 70's components. A susbsonic EQ and 2 metering level positions are the add-ons of it's time. It's a great find!

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  1. Fantastic. My older sister had the SU-7300 and it was a wonderful amp. I love the look and set up of these amps. I have a vintage NAD 3020 amp which is an entry level audiophile amp, but I find the look of it austere and off putting, though it has a warm and strong sound output. The Technics, spent more attention to the outside than the inside, comparatively. Still, the Technics has a beautiful and no nonsense control front and is a solid performer (loved the heavy feel of the volume knob and switches). Tempted to get one...