Vintage Apple - $300,000

No these guys are not lost Pink Floyd members it's Steve & Steve! Jobs and Wozniak that is...
I came across this article which reports that the Apple 1 (pictured below) is going up at Christie's auction house for 300 grand. Listen, for 4K of Ram that's a bargin!!! 4K! Basically 1 long document and your done...full! Designed and built in Job's parents basement they sold it for an original $666.66.
What a thrift find that would be. Apparently they managed to push out 200 of them. You could add a read/write interface to it for $75.00. To what medium? Cassette! Crazy how far these guys have come.
I know it's not my normal Audio stuff but Vintage is Vintage. I have followed Apple for a long time! Awesome story!

The complete write up is at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1328439/First-Apple-1-sold-Steve-Jobs-sale-150k.html

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