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    Here is a true vinyl collectors story. Just think of the endurance of this man's passion. 
Here's the math...
  • Ok so he is 69 years old
  • Let's guess he started collecting vinyl records at 16
  • So 53 years...
  • 1 million LP records(not even including his 1.5 million singles) Jazz records, Rock Records, all records
  • 364 days (hoping he took Christmas off)
That is 19,292 days by 1 million LP's = 51.835 vinyl records a day!
 Ok some days he got boxes of 100's other days none so it's a good average!

Nearing his last days you can see he simply wants recognition and the vinyl to live forever! Bittersweet ending to a lifelong pursuit. Amazing record collection!


  1. What a phenomenal collection of vinyl. It's a testament to this gentleman's love of music and records.

    -Rick K

  2. I only have 1,500 LPs, 720 45s and 217 78s but I enjoy them all! Do you have any Red Raven records with the magic mirror spindle carousel?