Kenwood KT5500 Tuner

I am surprised at how inexpensive you can find this Kenwood Tuner. Produced in 1975. These had an optional wood case although it wasn't included with this one. Just came in and although not overly sensitive, it sound good. Clean analog tuning dial with VU sensitivity metering. The condition is mint+. I have had many tuners and can say this one stacks up very well. Background station jogging was silent.It brought in the local stations nicely. Contact me if your looking for a great valued tuner. Matching amp is here as well.

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  1. I'm trying to find a Kenwood C-H6 tuner/graphic equaliser to replace one that has given up the ghost so I can't use my well-loved hi-fi system. These seem to be in very short supply! Can you advise? Is there an equivalent that would do the job?