Junk or Treasure?

Many times I come across systems that need that question answered. There are definite treasures and then there are borderline restoration projects to take on. Other times the components are in great shape but is there a market for them. The checklist on these items become sound quality, rarity, quality of manufacturer, style or simply overall presentation. Much research and time determines value and market for these items. Most I know immediately but there are the odd ones like this Symphonic console that are Junk to some and a great find to others.

This console has a very warm sounding receiver portion. Interesting layout and style. Chrome pedestal base with open face which has a tinted hinged cover. I suspect there was at one time an overall deep cover as the wear marks indicate however that is not with the unit. The turntable is from Great Britain. Garrard type but unsure without dismantling the box. Tape loop inputs with speaker terminals on rear. Guessing a 30 wattage output. I picture this in an Eames chair add...has that 70's look!

Symphonic produced these out of Montreal and were big suppliers of TV's as well.
Junk or Treasure? It's definitely some one's treasure!

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