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Pioneer SX-5 Receiver

Newly arrived is a Pioneer SX-5 Receiver.
The SX Series was the last of the vintage series of quality from Pioneer.
These "champagne" faceplate really stood out on audio shelves. Square buttons are sleek and small. Tuning scanning is driven via the computer controlled LED's in rapid consession. Cool looking and functional. The SX-5 is rated at 30 watts per channel with less than 0.02% THD. Very modest for the output it produces. This look turned the corner for the modern marketplace of receivers. Check out the SX-9 specs at 120 watts per channel, a real beauty. Built in 81/82 this SX series changed drastically from the silver faced 3400 series of the late 70's.

Fully operational this is a great unit!


  1. Have one of these. They are really great! The SX series run forever without any mishaps or breakage. That is saying something when you have tested the limits of the system on more than one occasion. That is only to say how great they really do sound. The THD% specs says it all for me. I have seen many a stereo decks that had nearly the same THD% but they were not full range like the SX's. These kind of decks sounded laybored and were difficult to listen to, no good harmony reproduction. No other component stereo maker does it better than the Pionner Silver series models. Vinyl is Forever.

  2. I was given my SX5 along with a couple of Hitachi HS 330 MKII Speakers by my father a couple of years ago when he upgraded his home system.
    I use this set up for running my own small mixing desk through for my music practice and recording fold back. Totally awesome and it handles everything I put through it with ease.

  3. Had an sx-5 my dad got me for christmas in 81 or 82, currently have a sx-7, seeking a sx-9... these recievers are the best sounding recievers ive ever owned and ive owned quite a few over the years... if you got one KEEP IT

  4. Wow! Memories. Had an SX-9 that I bought in '82 or '83 at the PX in West Berlin along with the matching dual cassette deck and turntable. The turntable was direct drive with polymer graphite tonearm. Loved that system. Eventually traded it for some drywall work in the early '90's.

  5. I just bought an SX-5 at Goodwill for $9.99. I'd say it was a great deal! It's missing the balance knob, and the tuner secion is flaky, but I have an external HD tuner and input switcher, so it's mainly just an amplifier these days.

  6. I Have A SX-4L It's pretty much the same but there is no number on the radio i think that is the only update. I bought it for 3euros in europe and it works perfectly fine and the radio is awesome feature, Now im waiting for money and buy two high end floor speaker for this, i think i put the system to xbox the quality would be awesome.