Denon DP37f Turntable - Stunning

I am very partial to manual TT's but how can you not love this fully automated Denon. It's mint ++ and sounds incredible. Still running a vintage Stanton 680ee cartridge with newer diamond stylus. Again incredible tone and clarity.

Opened up some Frank Sinatra on it. CLEAR!
Love the dampening controls and arm...very sleek!

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  1. Hi, I am an original 30 year owner of this turntable. Bought new in late 1985. My second table and still running. Only repair was to replace the audio cables. Sound quality is very good. " Q Damping set to 0.4 g less than the Tracking Force for use with a Shure M97HE with stabilizer brush.
    Add a hockey puck, drilled out centre hole, as a LP weight and voila. Considering an upgrade but will be costly to significantly improve performance.