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Sheffield Lab Recordings

From an early age I was shown the quality and performance of vinyl cut directly to disk in Sheffield Lab studios in New York. Breathtaking clarity and equally impressive musical performances as they were "cuttin grooves" with each note played. Masters which were 1st generations!
Lincoln Mayorga and Doug Sax are the visionaries and founders. The story goes that Lincoln relentlessly pursued a piano recording that could detail precise tone and clarity as if the piano was actually in the room from the recording. Thus long story short, they were brought to where they produced direct to disk recordings of unsurpassed quality.

There are many excellent LP's available including one of the clearest I have heard. James Newton Howard and friends is basically a Toto album, including the members of the day the Porcaro brothers. Jeff Porcaro shot to fame as the incredible drummer on Steely Dan's Katy Lied LP.
This collaboration has exceptional keyboards of the 80's with a somewhat Jazzy melody. All originals that I'm sure with this caliber of musicianship got very little rehearsal time. If your looking for that vintage sound or keyboard test sampler this is it man!
Here is Lincoln's (founder) own recording. He was an accomplished studio pianist.

and another quite notable...

Go to SHEFFIELD LAB HISTORY to read the full incredible coming of what is now the best vinyl produced! I hope you will enjoy one of their recordings soon. I do all the time.