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Technics SU-7700

Just arrived is this classic 1978 Integrated Amplifier. This one packs 50 watts per channel and has great spacial tone. It has beautiful large VU metering with a real classic setup. Woodgrain sides and vented grill top similiar to many 70's components. A susbsonic EQ and 2 metering level positions are the add-ons of it's time. It's a great find!


Vintage Apple - $300,000

No these guys are not lost Pink Floyd members it's Steve & Steve! Jobs and Wozniak that is...
I came across this article which reports that the Apple 1 (pictured below) is going up at Christie's auction house for 300 grand. Listen, for 4K of Ram that's a bargin!!! 4K! Basically 1 long document and your done...full! Designed and built in Job's parents basement they sold it for an original $666.66.
What a thrift find that would be. Apparently they managed to push out 200 of them. You could add a read/write interface to it for $75.00. To what medium? Cassette! Crazy how far these guys have come.
I know it's not my normal Audio stuff but Vintage is Vintage. I have followed Apple for a long time! Awesome story!

The complete write up is at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1328439/First-Apple-1-sold-Steve-Jobs-sale-150k.html


Sansui AU-4400

A mid 70's Integrated gem from Sansui. Rated at a conservative 20 watts per channel this solid amp has the beautiful clean image that made Sansui so great back then. Interesting thing about the 4400 in this series is that they didn't offer the popular black faceplate as in the others available at that time. Ah but silver faces rocked! No bells or whistles...just simple elegance.

Here is the link to some history if your interested.


Autumn Leaves

Well my wife and I headed out to the yard to get the blown 5ft pile of leaves organized into their lawn bags. One problem... no rake! It was being used by a friend so I turned to the perfect solution. My not so great D list collection of LP's in the garage. Now I know this is hard to believe but it's true. The first LP I grabbed to facilitate the pick up was no other than the Autumn Leaves LP in the picture with my wife. Really! It was in the garage for a reason, weird music that I can't even describe.

For those of you that haven't thought of this it is an innovative idea worth trying. You simply have an LP in each hand and sandwich the pile of leaves between them and drop them over to the bag. Not only can you grab a ton but the best part is that the bags opening is 14" which allows you to go right in and release them and then chop inside the bag in an alternating motion that creates space and pushes them down further. The two of us filled 15 bags in under 45 minutes.
Now you ask how this relates to vintage sound?
It doesn't but I can assure you that no vinyl was harmed in the making of today's blog. Peace!


Technics Sa-5370 Receiver

Newly arrived is this beautiful condition Technics SA-5370

This unit is 48 watt per channel silver face receiver with polished aluminum controls.
The inputs are AM/FM, tape 1, tape 2, aux, phono. Hi and Lo filters. FM muting/mono switch.
Center tuning and signal strength meters. Stereo lock red LED.
Connections and switching for two pairs of speakers. The speaker outputs are protected wth 4A fuses on back panel. This is again a classic Receiver that has the timeless vintage design with beautiful soft hue back lighting. Tons of clean power makes this a great vintage Receiver to drive your favorite classic speakers. I really enjoyed the response of this Tuner and with solid power and looks it's a top pick. The original ad is below as well. Enjoy!