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Vintage Vinyl Saturday - Brenda Holloway

Here I showcase this rare original pressing of Brenda Holloway, Every Little Bit Hurts LP. Released by Tamla Records 257, the first of Berry Gordy Jr's record companies. The second being non other than Motown records, named of course after it's home of Detroit, the Motor City. Released in 1964 this highly collectible LP features Brenda's mature vocals beyond her years. It's surprising that this super talent didn't reach mega star status. 

Very cool Tamla label with the record and Globe.
Truly an incredibly well produced album with crisp detail and full vocals. An artist with great improvisational skills and a wonderful ability to weave through a song effortlessly.
If your starting a LP collection this is one not to miss!


BeoGram TX 2 Bang & Olufsen

Just arrived is this simple Jacob Jensen designed TX2 for B&O. It's great when a table like this is still in mint condition. A pleasure to fire up and spin some tunes on, this linear tracker has a supremely quiet cuing mechanism. When cuing into single tracks you are aided by a guide light which projects for a few seconds and then shuts down. 

LED speed is displayed on the guide arm in red which is kind of cool. This particular one has the MMC (moving magnetic Coil cartridge) 4 which is a personal favorite on these tables. Spinning NeKo Case's Middle Cyclone in a clear vinyl pressing which I highly recommend. Just an old school, well written album.