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Stereo Tube Tuner

I'm sure readers will appreciate this wonderful Tuner. As far as I can tell it's a circa 1950's Eifco tuner. The tubes warm and glowing. I will follow up with details on this beauty. From last weeks experience with the integrated tube Amplifier's vintage sound I can't wait to put this through it's pace.

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Nakamichi TM1 Clock Radio

I never imagined sharing a review of a clock radio but these innovative units really impressed me. Just arrived is the TM1 and it's paired TM2. Quite innovative in it's day as the first clock radio to offer 8 digital station presets.

The main module (left channel) houses the controls for tone and a nice 2 alarm presets. The satellite module which includes a nice 10' patch cord offers a simple second snooze button for your spouses scheduled wake up. Aside from the design is what truly sets this apart from any that I've heard. The sound is brilliant. Ultimately the best sound one could imagine from this bedside setup. Great little amp with brilliant clarity. Nice to run my favorite Toronto JazzFM in the bedroom as well.
These were available in the pictured ivory and also in black. Quality we would expect from vintage Nakamichi products.

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Amplifier Corporation of America (ACA)

This all tube tuner from the ACA just arrived and looks worthy of a nice restoration. An early 1950's beautiful chassis layout and a really incredible looking tuning scale compliment what I think will be stunning in a walnut custom cabinet. I will post the final product once it is completed by my technician.

Tube amp, vintage tube tuner

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Stars with their LP's

Record Collectors like myself are usually intrigued by other individuals collections and the equipment that they listen to them on. Here is an eclectic group of Vintage Sound lovers enjoying their own collections. Thanks for the tip C.


Sansui 7900Z - Monster Receiver

Just arrived is this stunning monster receiver from the great Sansui Corp. Built in '81 this receiver truly is a "monster" measuring a full 22" x 14" deep. It packs 120watts per channel and although not sonically punchy at lower volumes she really opens up when you get here pushing the watts. Sansui was a real leader in the receivers of the vintage era. Incredible eye candy! Nice full scale spectrum analyzer and also linear output LED's. Interesting beep alert as you scale the tuning up or down and it LED on the analog scale travels every 8/10th of a MHz with your digital read out. A neat looking feature for sure that I have not seen before.

One of the great features also is the 2 Phono inputs. Next to the output LED's there is an interesting slide light for volume levels. Quite unique also. This is a vintage audio unit that will run for years and fit into any system with it's classic look and nice details.