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Luxman K-5a Cassette Deck

I had a ton of hits on the vintage Nakamichi deck so I thought while the interest is there I would show this Luxman Deck that came in at the same time. Yet another 2 Head, Dolby B NR system in this spectacular tank of a unit. Vintage Vintage look from 1979. In terrific shape I have not yet put it up against the Nak but I am looking forward to the comparison. This deck had an MSRP of $495.00. Quite pricey if you compare the $200 difference over the Nakamichi. I will see if we have a winner. Same cleaning performed and the same cassettes will go head to head. :) Be well!

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Nakamichi BX-1 Deck

When it comes to analog signals I prefer to run vinyl over tape simply because of the superiority of turntable equipment that I have. Until... I set up this Nak deck and gave it a run through various music genres.

I was blown away at the dynamics of this simple two head system and really enjoyed the tapes that I have collecting dust. A great music lover friend walked in on a playing of the Aja album from Steely Dan and said "nice tunes". I told him it was a cassette and he was shocked. "you gotta be kidding" he said, "that's incredible quality". We had a nice discussion on the history of the Nakamichi's of yesterday and went through quite a few cassettes in the process. I have many 2 head decks that cost much more in their day then the BX-1 but this is truly a wonderful unit. The BX-1 is on the lower scale of decks they put out in 1982 but compared to some others this had to be a steal at an MSRP of $299.00
This particular deck is in fantastic shape and looks like it was rarely used or was treated as I would have.


Pioneer PL-530 Turntable

This Pioneer table is a fully automated direct drive table. S-tonearm with very accessible cuing and anti-skating mechanism. I like the bulked up look of this table. It's a very good sounding table and a pleasure to operate. The cover had many minute scratches across it and I managed to buff and polish them out quite effectively. I was impressed with how quiet the table runs. It is nice when a unit is completely original right down to the head shell. This was the golden era for Pioneer and I'm happy its arrived.


Simonetta Transistor Vintage Radio

My passion for sharing is usually the late 60's through 80's components but I really enjoy acquiring interesting radios as well. I did a write-up on a nice vintage Sony radio back in August and had some great emails about it.

Just arrived is this great condition Simonetta built in 1969. These were German built with wave bands of broadcasts, short wave, long wave and also FM. The loudspeakers are moving coil and has an output of 0.9Watt. This unit is leather wrapped and has held up over time. The antenna configures quite differently as it stores horizontally and extends to a 3.5ft height. Crystal clear reception and great power. I need to locate another tuning knob but other than that it cleaned up to original condition beautifully.
Watch for another transistor gem coming in from Denmark...Yes a B&O!