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Count Basie/Joe Turner - The Bosses

There are some LP's in my collection that stand out in both dynamics and performance. Vinyl is the main media that I listen to and when the recordings are responsive and the musicianship reach a level that separates it from others I must hear it over and over. True audiophile sound.
Here is a 74' recording of Count Basie and the traditional voice of Joe Turner. True "Bosses" of the early Jazz era that defined music still recorded and covered today. Basie's Piano voicing on this LP are brilliant and I'm blown away by the effortlessness sound of his licks. Vintage sound that only vinyl can reproduce. Recorded in the historical Pablo records Studio in California, you must pick this up to add to your collection of great vinyl. Of course try to find this original Pablo pressing. My favorite track is Since I feel for you. When a record is this poetic and warm it needs to be shared with all audiophiles!


Revox A77 - Mk IV Reel to Reel

Just arrived is this Mint Condition Studer Revox A77 Deck. Built between 1974-78 these are precision audiophile units that are engineered to the highest specifications in the industry at that time. Called the most "delicate" of recorders they incorporated a load resistance for intital start-up reels which were much heavier and required more motor torque to spin. Thus decreasing as tape wound to the pick-up reel and also greatly reducing any slippage or flutter through the heads. Precise!!! A three head system for 4 track stereo recording set this deck high on the audiophiles radar.

This one is super clean and did not see a lot of action through it's years in play. It needs the meter bulbs replaced but other than that its a spectacular sounding piece of Vintage Sound History. All of these early Reel to Reels came with a dustcover. Acrylic similar to turntables although many will not have them with the units. They were put aside and in most cases lost or broken. I dont think you could find a better A77. A True Vintage Beauty!


Sony Rare TA2000

Here is the control centre of my system. Uber tough with shielded circuit boards and the most accommodating analog preamp with 2 grounded phono inputs and tape loop! The Walnut is stunning!


Circa 1969 this Gem is the heart of my listening pleasure. I mean what is more gratifying than hitting the switch of an audiophile unit like this knowing it has served for 40 years and is still today precise and so musical sounding! I hope you enjoy my images.
Here is my original post for more images to drool on.

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Luxman Deck

Nice Lolo image of this Vintage Deck