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Audiophile vinyl

It's a great thing to see young audiophiles grab hold of vintage analog gear. I've heard from many who vow to make vinyl their staple for accurate sound reproduction. This interest shows in the vinyl reviews boasting another 12 percentage increase in sales this past year and a considerable decline in CD sales. SACD's (super audio compact discs) however saw a marginal increase. All of this screams one thing. Sound quality matters again to consumers. With all the shortcuts and circuit wizardry that are employed into todays build's it's not surprising that the difference is SO vast between yesterdays somewhat uninhibited signal paths and the amplification designs of today.

We can't leave out analog tape and it's wonderful sound and properties. With some new studios producing tape again from 2" masters it will likely see some resurgence in the next few years as well. There are some purists who pledge great allegiance to their tape and the quality of their decks.
The progression of the audiophile travels usually from bitstream to needle. It just takes some longer than others to get there. :).

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