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The BALA stand-mount speakers Deliver! Viitums Sound Labs


  The Bala Stand-Mount Speakers from Vitums Sound Labs represent all that is analog. Hand built Drivers and Cabinets ensure that these engineered beauties stand among the greats of the Golden Era of audio.  Handmade in Muskoka Canada. 
Meticulously designed crossovers with only high end components from France. Exceptionally crafted cabinet suspension ensures that any inter modulation effect from the bass cabinet is isolated. Dampening is balanced with authentic pulled Sheep's wool. 
A hand coated paper cone 8" bass driver along with a 3/4" soft dome tweeter with huge magnet deliver it's accuracy. 

So how do they sound? In demonstrations the clarity and balance is mentioned each and every time. A great balance which is highly musical, is what defines a great analog design. As if the speaker is not there. No signature on the source signal, just delivery. Although floor shuddering bass is not what you acquire when you review bookshelf sized systems, the Bala deliver a precise musical bass tone that is truly music to your ears. Again, a balance in a two-way that we haven't heard in years. You will hear signals in recordings that you inherently know that were not present in your previous delivery. 

For a Canadian company that prides itself in Vintage design and Pioneers of yesterday, this certainly is a committed start to their line of Analog gems. the Bala stand-mounts deliver precision and Craftsmanship old school. They truly make you love music all over again. 

For more information visit www.vitumssoundlabs.com

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