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Welcome to the newer Generation of Canadian built Audiophile Turntables

Proudly built for over 35 years this company has produced over 11,000 turntables and have competed on the world market with the likes of Linn Sondek tables and other pure builds. Its 3 - axis design is recognizable across any room. Light years ahead of other designs when introduced in 1979.

Here we have the Next Gen. The Delphi Mk.VI

Polished Aluminum on an acrylic bed challenges future lines of designs to excel materials past this sleek, clean feel. A redesigned bearing and carries a 6 point adjustment. Quite versatile in set-up and positioning. The sound is accurate and brilliant with a feel like you are completley balanced and tracking with perfection. Quite a visceral feeling. This has to be on your short list of platters to own.


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